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About & History

Located 4 minutes from town and set on 10 acres of tropical beauty

A luxurious property on a private oasis

Built in 1910

A large arts and crafts style home designed by architect Alexander Jolly, Koreelah was built in 1910 and after a recent renovation, provides a luxuriously private oasis nestled in the Byron Bay hinterland. 

Soak up the relaxed coastal vibes of nearby Byron Bay or relax in complete seclusion amongst 10 acres of lush tropical bushland. The choice is yours. 

a rich history


Considered a pioneer tropiculturist, Frederick Wareham was one of the first settlers in the area and the original owner of the valuable estate ‘Koreelah’ which he bought with his brother in 1883. 

Consisting of undulating slopes and flats, the property covered 292 acres of land and was ideally located three miles southwest of Byron Bay, though at the time there were no accessible roads into Byron. 

Holding onto the property for several difficult years,  Frederick started clearing the dense tropical and hardwood trees to make way for dairy farming after the rail line was extended from Lismore to Murwillumbah. 

It took seven years of hard work and wasn’t until he cultivated paspalum grass before he had any success with dairying. He was the first to introduce pure-bred jersey cows and pasture improvements to the local area and planted a large orchard on the property which saw the first bananas, mangoes and grapes introduced to the region. 

Both Frederick and his brother Owen played a significant role in the early development of Byron Bay with Frederick helping establish the famous NORCO Dairy Co-op as well as the steamship company whose ships serviced Byron Bay while Owen was the Byron correspondent for the Northern Star.

Under Fredericks guidance, Koreelah became the shining star of the region and in 1911 he built ‘Koreelah’ the homestead.

Koreelah Byron Bay
Mr. F. V. Wareham acquired the land for "Koreelah" in 1883. The nearest store was 15km away in Tintenbar.
Byron Bay Luxury Property
the gem of coastal New South Wales

History of Byron Bay

Founded as a timber port in 1860, Byron Bay was officially declared a town in 1896 and then a shire in 1906. As the principal port between Newcastle and Brisbane before the decline of coastal shipping, Byron Bay’s commercial fishing industry was of huge importance until 1945 when a cyclone destroyed the jetty and the majority of the local fishing fleet.

During this time, Byron Bay was also the centre of a vibrant agricultural industry that included beef, butter and bacon while the cultivation of bananas, pineapples and avocados has greatly shaped the identity of Byron Bay.

These days it’s tourism that drives the local economy with visitors flocking to Byron Bay to enjoy its stunning beaches, relaxed lifestyle and natural surroundings.

live the byron bay lifestyle

Byron Bay

Offering a private tropical oasis in the Byron hinterland, Koreelah is perfectly positioned only moments away from the relaxed laid-back vibes of Byron Bay.  

Enjoy easy access to Bryon’s eclectic town centre, with its vibrant foodie scene, creative culture and easy going lifestyle just minutes from your front door.

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